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Your email address is your ID on the web. Keep it private with aliases that forward messages to your inbox, minus the trackers.

30-day free trial, no credit card required.

100% open-source, hosted in the EU on renewable energy.

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Spammers and marketers don't just see your email address, they see dollar signs.

Your address is harvested, sold, and used to follow you across the Internet. Tracking pixels tell senders when, and where, you open their emails.

How it works

The next time a website asks for your email, use Shroud.email to create a unique alias that hides your identity.

Forward emails...

All emails sent to your aliases will be forwarded on to your real email address. You never need to give out your real address again!

...Minus the trackers.

Our advanced tracker blocking strips out trackers from your emails, so the sender can't snoop on your inbox.

Don't worry about spam.

When you no longer need an alias, you can simply delete it. Or if there's just a single sender who's bugging you, you can block them!
a list of emails marked as 'blocked', 'trackers removed', or 'forwarded'

Unlimited aliases

Create a new alias every time a website asks for your email address. No arbitrary limits here.

Stop spammers in their tracks

Block spammy senders at will, or give your alias a holiday by disabling it entirely.

Block trackers

Senders don't need to know if or when you've seen their emails. Shroud.email removes tracking pixels so your privacy remains intact.

Reply from your aliases

Aliases aren't just for receiving emails. You can also send outgoing emails without revealing your real address!

Fully open-source

Every part of Shroud.email is open source, licensed under the AGPL v3 license.

Privacy shouldn't cost the earth

Shroud.email runs on 100% renewable energy, hosted in the EU.

Protect your email privacy.Try Shroud.email today.

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