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Introducing alias replies

Jun 12, 2022

Send emails from your aliases

We’re excited to announce that you can now send outgoing emails via your Shroud.email aliases.

It’s easy to use: when you receive an email via Shroud.email, simply hit “reply” in your mail client. The recipient will get your email, but the “From” address will be the alias — they won’t see your real email address.

Or if you want to send an email without replying to an existing message, you can use the “reverse alias” tool when you view one of your aliases on app.shroud.email. Enter the address you want to send an email to, and you’ll get a reverse alias. Send an email here, and the recipient will get your message, but from the alias!

Screenshot of the Shroud.email UI to generate a reverse alias

We hope you find this feature useful! As always, if you have any questions or feature requests, please contact us via email or using the chat in the bottom right of the screen.