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How we handle spam

As an email server, we need to be cautious about forwarding spam to your mailbox. If one of your aliases receives a spam email and we forwarded it, then it would harm our reputation as a sender, leading to lower deliverability rates for legitimate emails.

Instead, if we detect a spam email, we will store it for 7 days and notify you. You can then view the email in our web portal and take appropriate actions. will only store emails in two circumstances: if it's spam, or if you've asked us to enable email logging for debugging purposes.

I’m receiving spam emails. What do I do?

If one of your aliases starts receiving spam, you have a few options. The first option is the most effective: simply delete or disable the alias. Now it’s as if it never existed, and the spammers aren’t able to get your attention.

The second option is to block the specific sender that’s spamming you. This only works in cases where the spam is originating only from a few addresses. On the spam page on, it’s easy to block the sender of a spam email using the “block sender” button:

app screenshot showing how to block a spam sender

One of my outgoing emails was marked as spam. What do I do?

We also prevent sending spam emails from your aliases. We use industry-standard spam detection systems, but they aren’t always perfect.

If one of your legitimate emails was marked as spam, the easiest step is to try again — perhaps making sure you aren’t using common spam phrases like “incredible deal” or “meet singles”. Short test emails are also often marked as spam.

If that still doesn’t work, you can contact us.